Friday, June 26, 2009

new year's resolution review.

i only jumped on the new year's resolution band wagon a couple of years ago. one year was to be nicer to the bf (i get really moody) and i followed through. the next year was to start volunteering - did it. this year i'm having a bit more trouble. i made several resolutions and i am failing to follow through.

my 2009 resolutions:
1. do more good (aka keep volunteering, be a good girlfriend/sister/daughter/friend, give back, etc)
2. manage finances better
3. lose a couple of pounds
4. no more gossiping

i have them on a little post-it note on my computer screen. i put them there hoping it would motivate me to actually do them. well, it doesn't seem to be working that way. i've rocked #1 - at least i think i have. i volunteer more than i ever have, with bingo and foster kitties of course and also with various other projects through chicago cares. i try to be supportive friend, helpful daughter and a loving girlfriend. i donate to different causes and non profits when i can. unfortunately the other 3 have just not happened. not even a little bit.

for #2 - my finances are always a huge challenge. when my old roomie moved to san fran i decided to live on my own. boy that was stupid. the bills definitely add up when you don't have anyone to split them with. i also decided to start saving for my future by opening a 403-b. seems smart but it takes $ out of my paycheck that i was using to pay off my student loans and credit card debt. so not smart - stupid. i also like to take a lot of vacations. stupid. and i also like to eat really well in really nice restaurants. stupid. i apparently like to pretend that i make about 10k more than i actually do.

for # 3 - last year was when i decided to get in shape for a trip to jamaica. i worked really hard and lost some weight and gained some muscle. i maintained everything for awhile until i started classes and lost a night of working out to school. i also got sick of depriving myself of some of my favorite things like cheese and dessert. so needless to say i never lost those last few pounds or toned my arms quite how i wanted. at the moment i could care less. i haven't gained any weight so who cares! i think i'll care when it's time to throw on a bathing suit...

#4 - EEK. i CANNOT keep a secret. i love being the first to have some dirt and i also have no self-control when it comes to keeping my mouth shut. literally something will fly out of my mouth with no effort or thought and then i'm sitting there thinking - wow, i'm a piece of crap. i do pretty well staying quiet if someone specifically asks me not to say something or if i know it is very very important that i shut it. however, office gossip and random news i can't help from spreading.

this review was brought on by my freak out over my finances. and i looked at that stupid little post-it on my computer screen and quickly looked away because i feel guilty for not pulling it together 6 months after i set that goal! on the upside my raise kicks in next week so maybe i won't have to feel guilty anymore!!

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