Tuesday, June 2, 2009

furry friends.

(kitties L - R: larue, travis, winston, maude)
this fall the band the bf was playing with went on tour throughout the UK for like 6 weeks. because i'm used to have him around ALL the time i decided i needed a project to keep my mind off missing him. i had always wanted to foster cats and since the bf is allergic the timing was perfect. i got involved with PAWS Chicago, pawschicago.org. the first one i got was winston. a teeny tiny Siamese mix that loved to knead on everyone's chest and head. he got really sick on the 2nd day i had him and my friend had to drive us to the emergency vet for some meds. i was SO stressed about the well-being of this kitty. luckily they got him some meds and we were on our way. unluckily, he hated getting the meds and punished me by pooping all over my apartment. some of the more unfortunate places included my bed and on my obama newspapers. i was happy to give that one the boot. i was not done yet. i still had a month without the bf and decided to try a different cat. i got travis. a HUGE cat that had been stuck in the intake center for months because of an eye problem, mouth infection and ring worm. they were just waiting on one last clearance before he could be sent to the adoption center so they sent him with me for some tlc. travis immediately knocked winston out of the water because he knew how to use his liter box. he was a great cat and good companion to have in my last weeks without my man. he greeted me at the door and cuddled up with me nicely when i slept. i sobbed hysterically when i had to give him back. i still miss him a lot. and he will always be my favorite.
my bf returned but i still had the urge to help more cats and somehow i convinced my man that we should foster another kitty. we got larue. larue was incredibly sickly - barely alive they informed me. underweight, low body temp and with a cold. it was pathetic. larue had to wear a little sweater and lay on hot water bag to stay warm. we had to hold the food up to his little face to get him to eat. he would sleep on my chest all night, under the covers to stay warm. he sat in the bathroom while i showered to help drain his little nose. then all of a sudden he became a total playful kitten. he got energy, gained weight and became noisy and rambunctious. the bf loved playing with him but was definitely pretty allergic. we had larue FOREVER because his little cold wouldn't go away. eventually he went back after we "brought him back to life" and my apartment was at peace again. then i got the urge again recently and we got maude. a beautiful long hair cat that had just had a liter of kittens and needed some alone time. she was beautiful and loved to get belly rubs. too bad she was in heat and screamed all night.

all of my fosters have been totally different and special in their own way. each of them drove me nuts in a different way. i honestly think i would have gone crazy without the first 2 to keep me busy while the bf was on tour. and the last 2 are special because the bf and i did it together. i know i shouldn't have a cat for keeps with my busy schedule and the bf's allergies so this is a great way to fill my furry friend need in spurts and an excellent way to help out animals in need. i'm actually ready to get another one now...get ready babe.

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  1. awwwww! i love cats! well i used to be scared of pets in general but you can't help but fall in love with them! hehehe! :)