Monday, February 22, 2010

food-filled weekend.

all i really did this weekend was eat. or think or talk about eating - seriously.

friday night i had an event for work at a bar called lincoln station and chowed down on salsa con queso, mini cheeseburgers and yummie thin crust pizza. bar food just really hits the spot sometimes.

saturday me and the bf met an old coworker and her husband and a current coworker for brunch at sola. the interior is very pretty and the menu divine. unfortunately our waitress was uber peppy and not what i needed in the a.m. luckily the food trumped the annoying server. i got ham & cheese french toast with plum preserves and a mustard sauce. we also all split homemade donuts with chocolate and raspberry sauce. so freaking good. everyone's dishes looked to die and i hope to go back again.

later that night i actually had time to cook a real meal for once and made organic chicken breast with italian seasoning with spinach pasta. pretty standard but i was happy to make something healthy-ish. then even later that night i ended a night out of bud light cans and coors light (CLASSY) with bacis pizza. if you've never been, they have enormous slices of pizza. like the length of my forearm - elbow to finger tip. and they come with a drink all for just $5. we sat there for like 45 minutes having deep conversations over our huge slices. saturday was such a college throw back night - loved it.

sunday i had to staff a work event but it was great because there was a brunch buffet! i seriously chowed down. potatoes with bacon, scrambled eggs, blueberry pancakes and mini bagels. and i had 2 helpings. it was the school catering so it wasn't to die for but it was still enjoyable.

then sunday night i had my first (of three) restaurant week dinners at tizi melloul ( it's a mediterranean place in river north. it has gorgeous decor and a great menu. we went for the meat eaters family style menu which consisted of: a hummus/baba ganoush plate with herb flatbread, roasted potatoes, fire roasted mussels (new to me!), a delicious salad with apples, goat cheese and lentils, salmon skewers with a tangy bbq sauce and rice pilaf, lamb tagine with saffron cous cous, vegetable tagine with herb chickpeas and lemon basil chickpeas and then chocolate fondu with homemade marshmellows and fruit. Yes, I actually ate all of that. i had some trouble with the mussels...not a huge fan but i wanted to be daring and try it anyway. the salmon skewers and the salad were my favorites!

i have 2 more restaurant dinners coming up. tomorrow is at prosecco and sunday is gemini bistro. cannot wait!


  1. sounds wonderful :) i love those weekends filled with good food. the chicken sounds delish!

  2. All of that food sounds de-lish! :)

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