Wednesday, February 10, 2010

wardrobe meltdown.

lately i've been hating every article of clothing that i own. i put something on and later realize there is a small stain or hole. or i see a picture of myself and realize you can see my bra in that particular top. getting dressed in the morning or to go out has never been more difficult. i literally hate everything in my closet. everything seems old, worn or out of style.

the meltdown began when i retore my winter jacket. i can't have it repaired right now because i don't have another warm coat to wear while it's getting fixed. so i'm walking around with a torn seam. then i realized how out of style all of my work pants look and how crappy all my sweaters are. they all have nubs or holes and need to be pitched. this weekend i got to go shopping with my girlies and i tried on a bunch of things and some things worked out but mostly, not so much. i want straight leg dress pants for a more polished look. i tried some on at h&m and could not get them on over my knees because they were so tapered and tight. not really what i'm looking for. i wanted jeggings to spice up my going out clothes. also did not fit properly. luckily, i did make out with a couple new sweaters and a new shirt. later that day i pulled up my favorite jeans and accidentally tore off the label on the back. this furthered my clothing induced depression.

yesterday i stopped in at zara and they were having a sale but nothing fit right and i felt ridiculous. on the way out i stepped in a big puddle and discovered my "waterproof" boots are no longer that. i'm falling apart!

i went home and tore some things off my hangers to throw out. i'm going to do more of that tonight. i want to start from scratch. but i feel like i'm in a weird stage where i don't know what type of clothes i want to buy and i'm not quite willing to spend much to get the look i want. i want to look more polished in general but i don't even know how to achieve that.

i know this isn't a typical lucky girl post but i'm close to submitting a video to what not to wear and need to vent. i hope it's just the winter blues or that i find some good new items fast!


  1. jen! we can shop together! you girls gave me a great head start.. but i need to keep going. i went through my closet and did the same thing and now i have like 10 pieces of clothing.. besides i love and miss shopping with you!

  2. I've gone through the SAME THING, multiple times. Ugh. It sucks not liking anything that you have. You know what the crazy thing is? I bet you've actually got at least a couple things that you like... but us Americans have SO MUCH crap in our closets that all of the great items get lost. I bought this great book at Borders a little while ago: The Little Black Book of Style, by Nina Garcia. It was actually pretty good :)

    From the book:
    "I love America, and I love American women, but ther is one thing that deeply shocks me... American closets. I cannot believe one can dress well when you have so much." --Andree Putman

    Hope things got a little better for you :)