Tuesday, February 16, 2010

lucky valentine and weekend recap.

i had a lovely weekend and got to celebrate valentine's day with many people i love. vday started early for me with a delivery of ginormous red roses at work on friday afternoon. they're so pretty! then on friday night i got to spend time with an old coworker and some current coworkers for some bowling. i was horrible but it's still so fun! then i met up with my good friends for a lady gaga themed lingerie fashion show at lumen. i can't say that lumen is really my cup of tea but we definitely made it fun. saturday i went to the bur bs for the bf's sister's baby shower. she is truly the cutest little pregnant girl. i absolutely love his family so it was great spending the afternoon with them. i got to visit with his lovely grandma who always has the nicest things to say. i also got to spend some time with his hilarious aunts who always put a smile on my face. then i got dinner with my rents and then later returned to the bf's house for more quality time with his fam. i got a sweet card and valentine's day treats from the bf's mom that made me really happy! then on sunday i went to see valentine's day with my parents. perfect sunday afternoon movie. not the best movie but it was light and fluffy and brainless. perfect!

then it was time for vday time with my love. he surprised me with a trip to select comforts to pick out my custom pillow that i've been wanting! you tell the salesperson how you sleep and what level of softness and support you prefer and then you try a bunch out. i got "down alternative" because the down was just way too fluffy and the foam was way too hard. i absolutely love it. it's heavenly. we shopped around a bit more and i tried on a trillion things at h&m and nothing fit right so we tried a few other stores in search of my shopping list items. i ended up getting some black pinstripe pants from the limited. i totally forget that store exists but they were on sale and they fit well! we headed home and i hit the grocery store so i could make a new crock pot recipe. i decided to attempt pulled pork. i put it in before we left for a late vday dinner. we went to piccolo sogno on halsted and grand. we were seated in a small room off the main dining area and it was nice and quiet. i got a delicious glass of wine and grilled salmon with brown mustard sauce, fingerling potatoes and broccolini. AMAZING! the bf got lobster risotto in a tomato-y sauce. equally amazing. then we split a pastry dessert. it was a perfect meal. over dinner he gave me a cute valentine and a travel journal to take on my france trip this summer. i completely forgot i asked for one! it has a very cool design on the front and it's the perfect size. after dinner we headed home and pulled some pork. so romantic! it turned out well though - very tender and tasty. thank goodness. if it didn't turn out i was swearing off the crock pot for life.

dinner at piccolo sogno.

i was quite spoiled on vday and it was great to spend the weekend with those i love. i feel very, very lucky these days!

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  1. Awe, you guys are so cute :) My love took a three hour nap after a wine tasting and then we ordered pizza...But he normally makes me homemade meals most nights (I'm spoiled) so it was okay...But AGAIN how adorable =)