Thursday, February 25, 2010

satanic fitness instructor & hearty italian food.

on tuesday i decided to take a stab at one of the group fitness classes at the gym called muscle work which is an hour long class focusing on all different areas of muscles. about 40 girls piled into this tiny room. most of which appeared to be in much better shape than me. i still was confident i could keep up. little did i know the instructor clearly worships satan and was there to kill me with lunges and squats. she was also a liar. she would say last set but oh no...she'd make us do a few more. the whole class involved nonstop lunges, tricep curls, pushups, bosu ball jumps and ab work. kill me. literally throughout the class - i was cursing the instructor for being so cruel and unrealistic. i now realize this was ridiculous. i feel a bit sore but realize it was a great work out and i should go back. i don't really want to see her or the bosu ball ever again but i know i should.

i celebrated my workout with a 3-course dinner at prosecco for restaurant week. i went with one of my bestest friends that i never get to see. we unfortunately had to wait an hour to be seated despite our reservation. CRAZY! luckily my friend is totally go with the flow and kept me calm. otherwise i would have been a terrible customer making lots of demands to make up for the inconvenience. when we finally got our food it was divine. i started with mini crab cakes with aioli sauce. yum. then i got risotto with beef tenderloin. it was SO rich. the cream sauce was heavenly but oh so rich. i couldn't finish. oh and i forgot to mention my friend insisted on ordering a bottle of prosecco. which is a lovely thing to enjoy on a random tuesday but definitely made me feel full faster. then i ended the meal with flourless chocolate cake. i had one bite and had to stop. literally too rich! overall it was an awesome meal with an awesome friend. but my stomach starts to feel full just thinking about it!

my last restaurant week dinner is on sunday at gemini bistro with the bf. i can't wait!


  1. That class sounds awesome! Wish I could join you!

  2. Sounds like a fun class, Good job! I seriously need to start working out. I can't seem to make myself go workout.. Any tips?