Friday, February 12, 2010

progress & shopping list.

on wednesday night, i attacked my closet. i should have taken a picture of the mountain of clothes on the floor. i started with the stuff i had hanging. i got rid of a couple of sweaters and long sleeve tops. then i moved over to these square crate/bins i have miscellaneous tanks and tops in. i found tons of shirts that were too small, totally out of style or damaged. i got rid of a lot from that area. then i moved to miscellaneous stuff on my shelves. a lot in that area to kick to the curb. i had a khaki bermuda shorts that i needed for a job 5 years ago. i think it's ok to say goodbye to those. i also found a white skirt and white capris that of course had stains on them because i can't own white. i also tossed a few old tshirts that i don't need anymore. then i went through the basket where i keep miscellanous undergarments. i had like 15 nylons/tights and about 10 of them were ripped. shocking. i also had about 18 white tank tops. i tossed half and kept the others for now. that basket is so much easier to look through now! i ended up getting rid of three shopping bags of clothes. 2 are for donation and the other is to toss. it was hard but it also feels good. i'm excited to make room for new stuff. it was also fun to rediscover some things. i came across a lot of stuff that i forgot about entirely.

now that i've cleared some things out it's time to shop! here are some of the things that i'm looking for:

* brown suit - i saw a very cute one at h&m for a very affordable price that i plan to purchase asap!
* new straight leg jeans - mine are stretched out and i accidentally ripped off the tag on the back
* a couple of colorful sweaters & tops - all of my shirts and sweaters are neutral colors and it's just depressing
* casual boots - i need warmish boots to wear to work and out and about that aren't exactly snow boots but will keep my feet warm and dry
* fun/going out boots - my poor little brown boots have been fixed for the last time. once the zipper breaks they're getting tossed.
* brown flats - i don't have any flats to wear at work when i wear brown
* straight leg dress pants - i can't stand my flowy dress pants anymore!!!

i don't really know where i thinking i'm getting the money to pay for all these new purchases but i'm going to try to tackle some of the list next weekend. my ultimate goal is to achieve a more polished look. i'm not sure that i'll ever be the "polished" type but i can try!

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