Thursday, February 4, 2010

me time.

i am a very social person and i really love spending time with friends, family and my coworkers. however, every so often i really crave silence and some alone time. i usually have something to do everyday after work like volunteering, class, a work event or something with a friend or the bf. but every once and awhile i catch a break in my schedule and have nothing and just go to the gym and head home. yesterday was one of those days! i worked out and enjoyed watching grey's anatomy on the tv attached to my eliptical and then went to the grocery store. on my way there i realized the bf had practice and i would just be heading home to quiet time. after a few weeks of madness i was glad to have the down time. of course it was anything but downtime. i put away laundry, cleaned up, baked banana bread, did a ton of dishes, did homework and made dinner. despite all the housework and activity, it was quiet and i didn't talk to anyone but my foster cat, bj. it was nice. i also had enough time to sit and watch tv and lay on my heated bed buddy before bed. glorious.

i woke up feeling pretty refreshed and ready to tackle the day. unfortunately the day ended up tackling me and every little thing went wrong. such is life. and just after one day of being away from the bf, i'm ready to not have the me time and have we time. lame, i know but true!

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