Thursday, February 18, 2010

new years resolution status

so now that it's been about a month and a half since i set my new year's resolution for 2010 i thought i'd review how i'm doing thus far. i had numerous resolutions but the big ones were to try new things and restaurants in chicago and to work on paying off my debt. i know they seem to cancel each other out but so far so good!

i have tried 8 new restaurants so far! i've gone to May St. Cafe, Izaru, Duchamp, Fireplace Inn, Meze, DMK Burger Bar, Lucky's Sandwiches and Piccolo Sogno. they were all so delicious i can't even pick a favorite. i have also set a reservation for gemini bistro for restaurant week next sunday. can't wait!

i've been trying to check out new places and try new things lately too! this weekend was definitely out of my element at lumen and spy bar and it was fun to check out the new bar district. on tuesday i went to a new venue opening at sunda loft. anything with free alcohol and appetizers is good in my book! this weekend i'm trying to organize a girl's night at a new bar - probably the new small bar in lincoln park and then hopefully hitting up the kid sister show at spin. there are still plenty of new things i'd like to try around the city but i still almost have a full year left!

for the debt - i'm also doing quite well. i did some math and if i keep making the same size payments i am now on my student loans - i should be done with it 2 years early! that was happy to discover. i mean it's still 8 years of my life devoted to this crazy loan but 8 is better than 10! then i have some credit card debt from books/traveling still and it should be at a zero balance in about 6 months if i stay steady with my payment amounts. i have a decent amount in savings - more than i've had in awhile thanks to all my travels :)

so i'm feeling quite good and accomplished about keeping my new years goals! how about everyone else? keeping up with your resolutions?

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