Monday, March 29, 2010

back to reality!

i got back from a quick vaca in daytona beach this friday. it went much too fast! i was visiting a good friend of mine who has been hanging out with her mama for the past month in a pretty condo just off the beach. this vacation was absolutely perfect timing because i had just finished finals and was totally brain dead and needed some time to unwind. plus, i really missed my bud!!!

i left very early on tuesday morning to arrive in the middle of the afternoon. it was gorgeous out and we immediately laid out by the pool. we just laid out and caught up and it was sooooo relaxing. my friend and her mom are the most amazing hostesses!!! they spoiled me rotten with yummie snacks and a great dinner. later that night her dad arrived and then the next morning her good friend from college came. the girls went for a walk on the beach and came across some interesting wild life. we discovered a dead jellyfish and little crabby thing. we also saw someone carrying off a dead sting ray. crazy! in the distance we swore we could see a dolphin or shark going to town on some prey. we also saw lots of beautiful birds that i don't think i've ever seen before. we walked all the way to the pier and saw all the fisherman. we also saw a raccoon which we were told to avoid! eek! then i think we spent some time by the pool while it was still sunny and then went on a long trek for some delic seafood and ended up at a hilarious lounge with a live band with her pops. i have not eaten that much food in a long time! we started with a ton of bread then escargot (my first time!) then we got soups/salads and then we split 3 entrees. we had the seafood platter that had tilapia, scallops, shrimp and crap cakes with mashed potatoes, sea bass in a ratatouille and bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with crab. insane! then we got up and danced to the hilarious band to end the night. the next day my hostess led us in some yoga on the beach which was very fun! then we laid by the pool despite the clouds. later that night we went to aunt catfish's for even more seafood. this place was aweeeesssssommmme! we started off with a trip to the salad bar and hot bar-mmmm cheesy grits! again, we split 3 entrees! we got a platter with shark bites, frog legs and alligator bites, fried oysters and catfish 3 ways. everything came with a potato, a cinnamon roll and a hush puppy. SERIOUSLY RIDICULOUS. that night we played some funny games and watched ncaa games. it was the perfect way to end this perfect little vacation. i'm so grateful for their hospitality and just for the time to get away and do nothing.

i left feeling recharged and refocused. exactly what i needed because i'm about to be really busy! every weekend is booked through now and july. awesome.


  1. <3 loved having you here - I'm doing some extra yoga after all of our feasts. haha

  2. Do the booked July weekends include Hunky Dory? I hope so!