Monday, March 8, 2010

weekend recap: music, loved ones & the oscars!

i had a great weekend that was very different from most - low key! after work on friday, i hit the gym for cardio kickboxing and despite the very unenthusiastic instructor it was a good work out and i plan to go again this friday. then the bf and i went to an african music ensemble at depaul. the university hosts tons of free music events and this one caught my eye. this one was really fun and i love freebie events! afterwards we drove down to the burbs for the night and i crashed early. it was divine. i slept for 10 hours. it was much needed!

on saturday morning, my mom and i went to our hair salon for haircuts together and then we went out to lunch at portillos. YUM. it's been awhile since i've eaten there and it really hit the spot. later on the bf picked me up and we drove down to u of i with his parents to see his lil bro's senior recital. he is also a percussionist and truly amazing. i was so happy to be able to see him perform! afterwards we went to a delicious dinner with his girlfriend and their aunt & cousin. we had a mini feast of fries, wings and pizza. YUM! then we hit the road and i got to bed early again!

sunday morning i ran some errands, cleaned up and then we met two of my favorite couples for lunch at wildes. meg & ry brought their little munchkin bella. she is the truly the only little lovebug making me even consider having kids of my own. she's perfect! we had a great lunch and then went back to stef & jeff's to hang out a bit. it's so fun to see bella walk and she's So animated now with funny expressions and some talking. i love it! after meg, ry & bella hit the road i stuck around to work on some wedding stuff with stef. she taught me how to knit so i could attempt to help her awesome shower favors - a little dish towel. i couldnt get it at first but she's a really good teacher so i finally pulled it together. we watched a bit of the oscar preshow and then i was off to meet another bff to watch the show at zellas. the place was totally dead so we got a prime seat on a sofa next to the fire. we got to catch up and then we had a lot of opinions about the fashion. some of my faves were: rachel mcadams, maggie gyllenhal, sandra bullock and yes, even sarah jessica parker. my least favorites were the chick from up in the air or inglorious bastards. today i added a bunch of the oscar noms to my netflix list because i only saw a few this year.

i went to bed last night feeling incredibly lucky that i got to spend my weekend with so many people that i love. i got to do some cool stuff with the bf, spend some time with my rents and the bf's family and some quality time with friends on sunday. i couldn't ask for a better mix of people to spend my weekend with. i hope everyone else had a good one too!

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