Thursday, March 18, 2010

spring fever/spring nostalgia.

chicago has had quite the warm weather lately and it's giving me all sorts of wonderful feelings. i know it's all about to change this weekend with low temps and snow but the high 60s and sunny weather in the city gives me feelings and sparks memories i cant control. i start remembering the feeling of the start of spring quarter in college-which put just 10 weeks between me and summer vacation. it reminds me of drinking in beer gardens on a weeknight and taking my favorite flowy skirts out of storage. it reminds me of the flowering trees at my parents house and on the quad at school.

thanks to the return of bright skies, im dreaming about taking lunch break trips to the zoo, hopping on a architecture boat cruise and eating my lunch outside. i keep thinking about walking everywhere and enjoying it rather than being bundled up and hustling to get in doors. in this weather, i even start thinking about things ive never even really done but always want to. like ride a bike, walk along the lake front, take one of those dance classes in the park. i start dreaming about all the fun i'm going to have this summer at street and neighborhood festivals, eating yummie foods, drinking outdoors. im dying to have somewhat of a tan and wear sleeveless shirts and flip flops. i can't wait to roll down the windows in cabs and let my hair blow in the wind. sleeping with the window open. leaving a coat at home. yay. i can't wait for it to be warm in chicago and stay warm.

i get nostalgic at the turn of every season but each time it feels like it's more intense. today, walking around downtown with a big smile on my face and rays of sunlight beaming between buildings - it hit me like a ton of bricks - i'm freaking ready for spring.

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