Wednesday, March 10, 2010

shelving books is apparently the cure to all my anxiety issues.

last night i volunteered with my friend at a disney magnet school's library. i had done this once before but i have had trouble squeezing it into my schedule since. i remember leaving the project feeling very clear-headed and happy - just after an hour or so of reshelving books. same thing last night. i felt productive, relaxed and recharged. i've always enjoyed cleaning up other people's messes and solving their problems instead of my own. it helps me focus on someone and something else rather than on my to do list i have to tackle. i worked on the Easy Children's Book section which simply involved reshelving piles and piles of books in alphabetical order and organizing as i went along. they were a mess which only made me enjoy it even more! for a straight hour i barely spoke to anyone and just focused on these books. i didn't think about my paper that was waiting for me to work on when i got home. i didn't think about my big work day that i have today. nada. i just thought about the alphabet and how cute some of the book covers were. so basically it was a mutually beneficial experience - helping this school and helping me not go insane. good stuff!

afterwards i walked home which was a nice extra workout, cooked a healthy dinner, watched millionaire matchmaker and worked on my paper. i feel way more relaxed today than i have in a long time. i'm totally ready to tackle my long day at work. hope everyone else has a nice wednesday!

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