Friday, March 12, 2010

most embarrassing girl in the world.

embarrassing things happen to me ALL the time. i'm accident prone, i'm a messy eater, i'm clumsy and just embarrassing in general. i've fallen more times than i can count, bruises pop up often and i spill frequently. the bf tells me this is all because i'm not careful. this is true. i often run into things because i'm not being careful. i often break things due to not being careful. it's a problem. despite the injuries and utter ridiculousness these moments have caused, my embarrassment really cracks me up.

some of my fav embarrassing moments include:

* cutting my elbow without realizing it and bleeding all over my friends couch. you really just can't feel that skin!

* breaking out in hives & my eye swelling shut on my first day of work. really, that happened.

* splitting my pants straight up my behind while dancing at a bar. hilarious.

* knocking out my front tooth with a flagpole in colorguard. yes, i was in colorguard.

* flinging nachos at my favorite professor at a recent event because i accidentally swatted my plate and it catapulted at him. i talk with my hands too much.

* dropping a plate of mac & cheese down the front of me and all over the floor at depaul's cafeteria. sigh.

* having a flamboyant man mock me while running in my neighborhood. i haven't run outdoors since.

* flinging my fork off my plate at a formal luncheon and catapulting it in the air. again, while using my hands too much while talking.

* slipping on a patch of ice, falling onto it, breaking the ice and then getting covered in dirty water on my way into church and an old grandma aged woman had to help me up. that's what i get for going to church!

any of my friends out there have any to add to my list??? anyone else equally as embarrassing??? doubt it!

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