Wednesday, March 17, 2010

luck of the irish.

this saturday i woke up with a severe sinus infection on one of my favorite holiday weekends! i was so bummed. i could hardly move my head, focus my eyes or breath out of my nose. but i was still a trooper and put on my irish tshirt from 4th grade, my green rain coat, some green eye shadow and hit the streets. i started my day with my favorite creative pal at a paper source workshop. we learned how to make booklets. the first one was very cute and springy with a ribbon binding and eyelets punched in to add some flair. then we made one with a very cool martha stuart hole puncher that made the paper look like lace. we also got to make ones with stampers and another with recycled paper. i loved it! i could seriously take one of those classes each week. i love the creative outlet and learning something new. now i just have to figure out what to do with all these little booklets!

after the class and a little shopping i headed over to kelly's pub. i used to frequent kelly's when i was underage with all my rugby girls which is exactly who i was going to join. their back tent was like a frat party gone wrong but i had fun nonetheless. saw some green teletubbies, had a hand in breaking up a small altercation and had fun with my favorite drinking buddies. after kelly's i went to barleycorn to see a few other friends. it's helpful that one of them is now engaged to one of the managers so we can cut the line and the other is dating another staffer so we can use the bathroom in the kitchen to avoid the lines. oh and get free drinks. i'm so spoiled. i hung out there for awhile and then headed to wrigleyville for food with my man and then the plan was to meet another friend at a nearby german bar of all places. the bf and i went to luckys for ginormous sandwiches and then attempted to go to the german bar but there was a big ole line and it was raining and my head was going to explode from the sinus pressure so i caved and just went home to lay on my couch. by 8 p.m.! the bf and i watched coraline which is a WAY creepy movie in case you haven't seen it. i crashed early and woke up feeling much better for a productive sunday.

i still have the sinus infection but not the pounding headache - knock on wood - so i will be celebrating st. pat's tonight with some of my favorite girls at mystic celt. i unfortunately have 2 final papers due tomorrow so we'll see how exciting the evening gets...

happy st. pat's to all of you!

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