Thursday, March 4, 2010

promotion & other happy thoughts.

a few weeks ago my boss told me i was being promoted! i knew i was up for a title change but i thought it was only if we were able to get a new position under me to manage so the news came as quite a surprise! so now i am an associate director promoted from assistant director after working here for about 2.5 years. we are waiting to find out if the position below me will get approved. fingers crossed because it would make my life so much easier and i'm eager to get management experience. i'm really excited for this new role and all of the opportunities it might bring and i'm anxious to see what's next!

in other news - i booked some reservations for chef's week and i'm SO excited. restaurant week was so so but i'm really excited about my choices for chef's week. i lucked out with a reservation at blackbird, the publican and a lunch reservation at perennial. i love food. more on me and my friend's love for food - check out

despite my major exhaustion due to lack of sleep lately i'm still having a good week! yesterday was especially good. i hit the gym and took another class with the satan lady. she kicked my ass yet again and i'm way sore today. i know it's a good thing though. this class was more yoga influenced and even had some dance elements. kicked my ass. after class i met a few friends and the bf for a free movie night at lincoln hall featuring wet hot american summer - the most hilarious movie i swear. it was good laughter therapy and great to do something fun with friends in the middle of the week.

and i have exciting things in store for the weekend. tomorrow me and the bf are going to a depaul african ensemble performance. i'm really excited - especially just to spend some time with my babe. saturday we're driving down to u of i with his fam to see his lil bro's senior recital. more cool music! i can't wait! on sunday i get to spend time with some of my fav high school gals and their men for lunch and later on i'm going to watch the oscars with my bestest. unfortunately at some point i have to squeeze in some homework and paper writing since the quarter is quickly coming to a least the rest will all be fun! hope everyone is having a good week too!


  1. congrats jen!!! i'm so proud of you.. all that hard work pays off. keep me posted about your position and when it's official. hope sunday works out b/c i'd love to come in for a visit!